The Wide Sailor's Knot Headband

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The Wide Sailor's Knot Headband


The Wide Sailor’s Knot takes the wider sides of two ties and interlocks the two complementary patterns into a thick sailor’s knot.

Color: Purple & Turquoise

Fit: One size fits most. Features a vintage button closure in the back.

Fabric: Silk 

Care Instructions: Handle with care - dry clean or hand wash only. Please note that the ties we use are often vintage & any slight discolorations or fraying come with age of the original product.

One More Thing: You should feel SPECIAL because you'll be the only one to ever own & wear this headband. It's a one-of-a-kind product, no two are ever the same!

All of our accessories are handsewn in the USA - have any questions? Just shoot us an email:


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